American Federation of Government Employee's

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest union in the federal sector. Founded in 1932, its 1,100 local unions represent over 600,000 federal workers both in the U.S and overseas as well as in D.C. government. The largest concentrations of AFGE membership are to be found at within the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice.

Hot off the press

DeCA Commissary Attacks

The Pentagon has proposed to slash the budget from $1.4 billion to $400 million over the next three years. DeCA employees would face a significant pay cut, they would convert employees to NAF positons. In some locations it could end up being a 47% below the starting salary of a DeCA cashier. They would stand to lose their health insurance udner the Federal Employees Health Benefits System switching to substandard health and retirement plans offered to NAF employees.

Hatch Act

Unlike most members of the general public, civil servants are subject to restrictions in the Hatch Act and have to be very careful about how, when and where they engage in political speech and other political activity. The wrong status update on Facebook could cost a private sector employee a few "friends," but it might cost a federal employee his or her job.

2017 Pay Raise

After years of contributing to the deficit (Federal Employees contributed $180 million) we were insulted with a measly 1.6% pay raise for 2017. Well below the public and private sectors. We are currently 35% behind them in pay. For 2017 AFGE is pushing for a 5.3% pay raise.

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